Drawing and painting has always been my passion from early childhood; at age 10 my portrait of Elvis was a runner-up on Blue Peter! I am happy to say that I did progress and received my first commission in my late teens. I developed an interest and was inspired to pursue portraiture when visiting Montmartre in my early 20’s. There, I was privileged to watch the many artists produce outstanding pastel portraits.

In 1998 I painted the footballer, Robbie Fowler, and sold the signed limited prints. In 1999 I painted a portrait of Princess Diana which I donated to the charity Fashion Acts, an AIDS charity for whom Jasper Conran is a patron. The painting was auctioned and bought by one of Diana’s close friends. I exhibited in Bayswater in 1997 with other female artists and painted a portrait of Sheryl Gascoigne which was presented to her when she opened the event.

I have always been fascinated with faces because of their unique characteristics. My previous exhibitions have been based on iconic figures past and present who have not only inspired and influenced the areas of music, art, sport and entertainment, but have made us examine our conscience and provided food for thought! They are all individuals, who in my opinion, embody the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”..












Nelson Mandela - Madiba

'Nelson Mandela - Madiba'

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